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We've reimagined injury prevention in the workplace.

Helping workers by reducing the behaviours that increase risk exposure.

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33 percent 

of Lost-time claims in Canada are due to MSIs

$22 billion 

total costs of work-related musculoskelatal injuries (MSI) to the Canadian economy

11 days 

is the average time away from work due to an MSI

Reduce costly workplace injuries.

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) are the most frequent type of lost-time injury and the single largest source of lost-time costs in Canadian workplaces.


Using advanced machine learning models, Humo is a wearable and digital health coach that detects behaviors and movements that have a high probability to result in injuries and coaches the worker on how to avoid these and replace them with more safe working styles.





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Use high value analytics to reduce injury risk exposure.

The Humo platform utilizes an inertial motion sensor & world-leading data algorithms to identify when a worker bends, twists, or puts a force on their musculoskeletal system.

Our platform dashboard houses powerful analytics which can pinpoint where your greatest sources of risk come from, and receive insights and recommendations to reduce them.

Use data to gain insights and optimize your safety program.

Capture and understand your job task activities.

Better understand the factors that contribute to injury and deploy more relevant, effective interventions - mechanical or behavioral - and monitor impact.


Measure your progress.
Get a comprehensive look at your long-term progress and trends. Humo uses an AI training coach that provides personalized training for the worker on how to further reduce their injury risk.


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