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Built on passion and ingenuity.


Your employees are more valuable than ever. In order to win in today’s labor market, companies need to build and retain a strong, sustainable and efficient workforce. When employees are strong, able and happy to return to work, they ultimately become more engaged and efficient. 

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What we do.

We leverage our proven experience, innovative methodology and scalable technology to create an engaging experience for the employee that is tailored to each client's unique needs.

Drive Sustained Injury Prevention  
Reduce the frequency and severity of injuries, their related costs and negative impact.

Improve Operational Efficiency 
Consistently deliver the highest quality products and services.

Build a Strong and Engaged Culture
Attract, develop and retain happy, highly-motivated employees.

The vision.

A little about us.

Humo is a digital health and analytics company based in Canada. We are dedicated to bringing human movement analytics to the 21st century, leveraging innovations in technology to offer an employee-centered and data-driven solution for workplace safety.


Our mission.

To help hard working people in physically demanding jobs prevent injury through proper human movement.


Our product and platform has been designed to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of musculoskeletal injuries, strengthening culture while saving companies millions of dollars a year in direct and indirect workers’ compensation costs.


Developed by industry-defining computer science professionals, the company’s AI Lab is devoted to innovation, developing a digital safety solution for enterprise companies to help reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

We envision a not-too-distant day in which all workers will be aware of the high risk posture movements they make while working, with our market leading digital solutions.


The key is to be proactive!

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