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movementlabs | u 

offers multiple on site education & consulting options for your industrial athletes. 

The problem is complex  and our solution is to teach employees how to move well, train correctly and perform basic maintenance on themselves. By doing so we get a two fold response of both decrease injuries and increased performance.

Our unique approach combines elements pulled from both human performance optimization and injury prevention. This is taught both in a classroom/lecture based setting as well as hands on practical sessions. You’ll develop a framework and skill set to not just improve yourself but also be an asset to your company.

MovementLabs | U  offers multiple on site education/consulting options ranging from 1 - 2 days for employers in any industry.  

Our goal has been simple. Help hard working men and women preserve their greatest asset which is their own body. We call this “preserving the human capital”.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in Canada are estimated to be an astounding $22 billion annually, and a significant number of these disorders are attributed to workplace related hazards. 


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