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Our Technology

Highlight and address early warning indictors of high risk movements within your workforce



Musculoskeletal-related injuries are one of the leading causes of injuries in workplaces. Current evaluation methods are too expensive and cumbersome to implement.



Our goal was to develop a mobile application which uses sensor technology, IoT ("internet of things") and data analytics algorithms to detect and score high-risk human movement in industrial workplaces.



We developed a cost efficient and easy to implement performance measurement tool, which uses the power of smartphone sensor technology and IoT.


Optimize your work performance with TILT —the only workplace solution that provides real-time biofeedback to monitor and analyze posture. 

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Cloud Hosted Analytics

Supervisor Dashboard

TILT iOS Performance Platform

Evaluate risk indicators ahead of time-
before they become another expensive injury.

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The TILT platform app uses internal smartphone sensors to detect and measure changes in orientation of the device when it is securely attached to the pelvis. It provides immediate feedback when the pelvis tilts forward or backward or leans to the left or right by more than a pre-determined amount. The app provides audible or vibration feedback to alert you to correct your movements.


The angles are recorded and can be downloaded later and graphed out to determine performance trends.

TILT combines safety analytics and
human movement training. 

TILT combines safety analytics and on demand training to bring the best human movement and mechanics principles.

All enrolled employees have access to onboard training (via web or mobile). These are short and easy to follow human movement training modules which help improve performance and increase safety awareness.

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