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Microlearning meets safety.


 "...The average human attention span is between 8 to 12 seconds. In simple words, people are no longer keen to receive large chunks of data at once as their attention span is declining at a rapid pace."

How does it work? & What are the benefits?

The Humo learning platform consists of microlearning courses that encourage positive habit building and muscle memory over time. Each course consists of online “theory” and in-person practice. This mixed model creates consistent opportunities for learning, practice, and coaching and is proven to be the most effective way to create sustained change.

Humo delivers consistent, short learning modules in 3-5 minute increments every week to build safe, strong movement habits over time. We make it easy for workers to adopt with minimal impact on a company's operations.

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Developing safe habits.

The way you move affects whether or not you get injured. Humo provides training on human movement, which keeps your team healthy and injury-free. We provide a step by step walkthrough on how to perform movements, as well as strong vs. weak examples, so your workers know how to identify potentially dangerous positions.

Real-time engagement reporting.

Humo's learning platform analytics provide a high level of organizational oversight. Drill down reporting enables managers to see which regions, locations, and individuals and completing their coursework, providing leading indicators that can help prevent injuries before they occur. 

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