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Evaluate risk indicators ahead of time before they become another expensive injury.

High risk postures are a leading cause of injury in the workplace. Avoid lost days and save on workers compensation claims costs with safer work habits that reduce injuries.

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Purpose built to combat high-risk movements in workplaces.

The Humo device is packed with sensors that lead to the most accurate biomechanics and data sets available.
Workers receive continuous coaching with a light vibration every time a high risk posture is performed. The alerts, along with goal and reward functions, create new habits and drive sustained behavior change.
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Designed for the industrial environment.

Week-Long Battery Life
100mAH rechargeable battery lasts 5-7 days under average use.

Bluetooth Low Energy
Latest Bluetooth LE 4.2 standard with up to 100 feet range.

9-Axis IMU

Advanced motion sensor with sensor fusion for up to 200hz data streaming.

Ultra Light Weight
Weighs 0.2 oz (including case, board, battery).

Unobtrusive Design

Sensor measures approximately 1.1 x 1 x 0.4 inches.

Onboard Flash Memory  

8MB of flash memory for extended data collection.




A wearable sensor automatically recognizes unsafe biomechanics commonly performed on the job, such as bending, overreaching, and twisting, that over time lead to injury.


The Humo dashboard works to complement your current safety program, providing easy-to-read, actionable data that drives effective, lasting change. 


Use robust reports to discover beneficial coaching opportunities, practical process changes, and workplace improvements for enhanced safety.

Better engagement, better data, better results.

Better measurements & data
Collected high risk posture data is uploaded to a cloud-based web dashboard that provides management with valuable analytics and actionable insights to improve workplace ergonomics.
View your data overtime
Meaningful dashboard data allows for proactive decisions that keep workers safe and worksites operational. View the data you need, in the way that you need it – by job type or individual, day of week or hour, type of high risk posture, and more. 
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