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Avoid injuries while working from home.

Avoid injuries while working from home.

This video series will show you the keys to protecting your body from injury while working in a home-office environment. Each video covers one topic related to working from home safely.


Watch the series, and you'll learn:

  • How to properly set up your home-office environment

  • Tips for maintaining a healthy posture throughout the day

  • Best practices for interacting with everyday tools such as the keyboard, mouse, & mobile device

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Seated Posture

Back pain is often caused by sitting in unstable body positions.


Using a Keyboard & Mouse

Alleviate sore hands and wrists, while reducing Carpal Tunnel risk.


Standing Workstation Tips

Your standing desk should be helping your posture, not hurting it.


Using Handheld Devices

These techniques will help you loosen up your upper body and avoid the dreaded 'tech neck'.


Lifting From the Floor

Drop something? Protect your back by using these techniques to pick it up.

At Humo, we’re used to leveraging our expertise in human movement to reduce injuries for frontline workers, and in some cases, office workers. 

To learn how injury prevention helps organizations reduce costs and strengthen culture, email us at

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